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Assos Hunters Hotel: The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Luxury and Nature
Assos Hunters Hotel is a charming hotel located in a picturesque village overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Private Accommodation It is a certified hotel. The hotel has captured the hearts of many people with its beautiful architecture that blends traditional and modern elements. The natural environment and magnificent sea views offer visitors a unique experience of peace and relaxation.
The hotel's unique location and design complement its raison d'être, offering guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ambiance is perfect for anyone looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing vacation or even an off-site meeting with coworkers.
y Massages and therapies provided by professionals
The most delicious dishes of Aegean cuisine are at Lagos Restaurant'

As I love the sea and the wind, the employees were friendly. Meals were delicious. health to the hands of the cook, the prices were reasonable according to today's conditions. I felt like at home. The rooms were cozy and comfortable. It promises an environment where you can feel peaceful among the palm trees.

Hülya Süzme

We had a very enjoyable time with our children at the Hunters hotel where we stayed for two nights. We were very pleased with the attention of Işıl and Duygu. Every evening, Duygu Hanım specifically asked if we needed anything or if there was anything missing. The staff of the hotel was very friendly in general and this made us very happy. As for dinner, the fish was delicious.. the food and the atmosphere were very nice. The cleanliness of the rooms was adequate. It was a very enjoyable holiday for us. Thanks for everything..

Sibel Kaya

During our stay, it was a hotel that we were very pleased with with its caring and smiling staff. It is a nice place that can be preferred for a quiet and calm holiday. We were also very satisfied with the cleanliness of our room. The fact that there are places to visit around is also a reason to choose.

Hafiz Gild

You are invited to a unique holiday experience
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